A downloadable game for Windows

Patience is a lovely old lady who just loves those damn birds, she'll do anything for them. The neighbourhood cats are starting to test whether she lives up to her name, though, by hunting her precious robins!

Help Patience pollute low-earth orbit with local felines to protect her winged friends, one swing of her walking stick at a time, before her patience runs out! Watch as her calm slowly returns once lovely birds are comfortably perched in her garden! I'm sure there will be no consequences for golfing cats into space at all!

Keyboard controls:

  • Jump: Space
  • Swing Cane: Left Control (or Right Alt-Gr)
  • Move Left: A (or Left Arrow)
  • Move Right: D (or Right Arrow)

X-Box controls (other controllers untested):

  • Jump: A
  • Swing Cane: B
  • Move Left/Right: Left Joystick

Install instructions

Hopefully just unzip the .zip, double click the .exe and away you go! If not then I've done something wrong...!


omaskery-ld40-damn_birds-03122017_1930.zip 14 MB